Friday, 3 November 2017

Thor vs Hela: The Icy Touch Of Death!

Saw Thor: Ragnarok last night, and loved it. Probably the most fun time I've had at a Marvel movie since the first Guardians, and 'Immigrant Song' is now and forever the God Of Thunder's theme tune, like it wasn't already.
So here's Stan & John bringing Thor & Hela together on Earth, I think the first time we ever saw the Goddess Of Death looking like a mere mortal, albeit a kinda hot and vaguely russian one.
If I'm honest, Thor was never one of my main buys in the Bronze Age, mainly 'cos I struggled with all the thee's & thou's dialogue, feeling that it slowed Kirby's ( and Buscema's ) artwork down in much the same way stopping to read Zatanna's spells did, but there were individual runs I liked a lot, and this is one of them.
Mainly 'cos Hela was always a genuine threat, as opposed to say, The Wrecker.
And as well as her, you also get Balder The Bland still refusing to get off with Karnilla ( something he seemed to drag out for the whole of the Bronze Age ), and Odin sending Volstagg, of all the options to hand, down to Midgard to save the day. Valhalla, I am coming.


  1. Pete, after reading what you wrote I finally understand why I often struggled with Thor. Great observation!

  2. Knew it wasn't just me - Thank god they dumped that for the movies.

  3. I loved the thees & thous -- seemed apt for Thor. Having Thor speak like an average mortal superhero just wouldn't have made sense to me.

  4. Hey, different strokes and all that, Fred - if it worked for some people..

  5. Just never found Thor an interesting personality. He generally got by merely on brute force or Deus ex machina hammer powers.