Saturday, 4 November 2017

The Spirit At The Lakes International Comic Arts Festival

Here's a treat, courtesy of my old pal Sean Philbo Phillips:
Sean organizes the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival up in Kendal every year, and there's loads of people you like going this year, ( 13th-15th October ) including Bryan Talbot, Duncan Fedegro, Charlie Adlard, Stan Sakai, Sergio Aragones, and even The Moomins.
Go and check out for more info in you're in the area.
In the meantime, to publicise the event , and to celebrate the centenary of one Will Eisner's birth, Sean's produced the above with some of the guests. A broadsheet sized all-star jamboree of one page Spirit stories, by:
Sean & Ed Brubaker, Becky Cloonan ( who did the cover there ), Brendan McCarthy, Graham Dury & Simon Thorp off Viz, Chris Samnee, Peter Milligan & Duncan Fedegro, Seth, Jason Latour, Michael Cho, Jonathan Ross & Bryan Hitch, Sergio again, and mine & Philbo's all-time favourite British artist of all time, the mighty John M. Burns.
If you can't make it to the festival, you can get a copy from our buddies over at Page 45, Nottingham's premier comic and indepedents bookshop. Here's the link:
( Which I can't seem to embed properly, but it does work, honest ) And here's a few examples from Sean, Ed, Chris, John and Sergio. Believe me, as good as this stuff looks here, it's even better giant-size.


  1. I am such a Spirit fan... definitely hoping for sale in USA!

  2. I would think Page 45 could sort that out for you Charlie ( I'm not getting paid for all this free advertising, by the way! )

  3. What??? Pete are you telling me that your blog is a labor of love? LOL!

  4. Well it's better than drugs, guns, and loud music I'm sure!