Monday, 13 November 2017

The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad

Here's Marvel's version of perennial Bank Holiday movie The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad, a film that runs through the whole of the Bronze Age, alongside all those Doug McClure vehicles like The People That Time Forgot and Warlords Of Atlantis. 

Like I said, Golden Voyage seems to have been on British TV every single Bank Holiday since it's original release in 1974, and though it's more than a bit creaky now, it's always nice to see any Ray Harryhausen in place of endless CGI in our movies.
Plus, it has a cult cast list Alex Cox would weep over, starring as it does Danger Diabolik / Barbarella's John Phillip Law, Best Dr. Who ever Tom Baker, and The Professional's Martin Shaw, hilariously pretending to be an Arab seaman. And Caroline Munro, of course.

The movie adaptation is surprisingly faithful, with Len Wein lifting dialogue wholesale from the script, and splitting it over two issues gives it the room not to have to squeeze everything in, such as by comparison, House Of Hammer's otherwise excellent movie strips had to.
It's got a solid, unshowy art job from George Tuska & Vince Colletta, who even manage to catch both Baker & Shaw's likenesses in the occasional panel, and even a Romita opening splash, for no real reason.
Sinbad never really caught on in comics ( unless of course, Dynamite are doing a version. I don't know, are they? ) perhaps getting lost amongst all the other sword-swinging heroes of the time. Which is a shame, as he kind of precedes all of them.
It's nothing amazing, but it is a nice memento of a quintessential Bronze Age fantasy movie. It'll keep you going till next week anyway, when it'll be on TV again. Here's Part 1:


  1. I just realized I really have no clue about Sinbad or Banking Holiday. I was thinking Jason Argonauts or The Aeneid or The Odyssey initially!

  2. This movie was successful enough to prompt a re-release of its predecessor, SEVENTH VOYAGE OF SINBAD, and Marvel also did an adaptation of that (in MARVEL SPOTLIGHT). This time it was done in one issue, so the story is pretty much reduced to a race from one monster to the next.

  3. Much like House Of Hammer then!
    Charlie, didn't I read somewhere that there was a USA channel that showed Beastmaster almost every weekend? Sinbad's like that for us over here.

  4. There was a joke that HBO (Home Box Office) actually stood for "Hey, BEASTMASTER's on!"

    There was also a period when TNT (Turner Network Television) was running it pretty much every week. They varied the showings, however--it might be on Monday prime time one week, Tuesday afternoon the next, and Wednesday late night the one after that.

  5. Can't quite think of a Sinbad-centric one - it was always on ITV, so I get as far as 'It's that... ' Venturer?

  6. Oh my! Hate to say this but the only TV I see anymore is European soccer via Roku and the Sling application on Roku device. Otherwise it's all Netflix usually watching UK shoes like Father Brown, Dr Martin, The Five..., Sorry!

  7. Fun movie. Would not mind having the comics.