Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Flash & Green Lantern: The Heart That Attacked The World

One of the most enduring buddy cop movie partnerships in comics has to be that of Green Lantern & The Flash, even if their friendship got off to a slightly dodgily written start:

So Barry has a 'special feeling' for Hal. Isn't that nice?
For fans of the twosome, there's a very good late '90's Brave & The Bold mini-series by Mark Waid I can recommend, detailing the pair's long partnership. It's a lot of fun, not least because of the running joke about how many jobs Hal had over the years ( toy salesman? ) and how often he had to borrow money from Bazza.
In 1973 for instance, Green Lantern was without a book of his own, so Flash offered him a couch in his spare room, so to speak, letting GL take over the back-up spot in his book, and occasionally sharing billing, like here, where the twosome combine forces against Sinestro & Weather Wizard, and Cary Bates slightly ties himself in knots trying to make that cover make sense. A lot of DC at the time was based around the cover image, and I suspect Julie Schwartz just threw this one at Bates and barked ' Make a story out of that!'
But the bad guys' plan ( hatched in a tree for no apparent reason ) is irrelevant really. This is just two buddies doing what they do best.


  1. A fondly recalled team-ip wuth great Novick layouts: Giordano really knew how to ink Novick's stuff. Looks fantastic.

  2. I remember the two sharing a moment during the JLA's battle with Starbreaker, circa JLA 96 or 97. I had really just started reading comics then, but even at age 8 or 9, I preferred the GL/Flash combo to GL/GA. It was just a better fit. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. But Green Arrow wears green. Or so the reasoning seemed to go.

  3. Giordano made everybody look good, but ye, I'd agreee specially on Novick ( and Dillin ).
    Just dug that JLA out and you're right, should've added that couple of panels as well!

  4. GL and Flash were two comics I always tried to find on the spinner racks.