Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Will Eisner's The Long Hit

Here's a pitch perfect short story from a master of the form, Will Eisner. It's about two retirees who meet on a bench in Florida, and find they have a past in common.
I like to think Will came up with the idea on that very same bench, enjoying his own retirement in the Sunshine State, but whatever, nobody could spin a yarn like Eisner.

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  1. These days, Eisner's later stuff doesn't seem to get as much attention as his classic Spirit stories, which is a shame because theres a lot to like in less obviously generic work.

    Although having said that, this one does come across like one of those Spirit episodes where he played more of a cameo part - all it needs is Dolan and the Spirit turning up to ask about Hockie in those last couple of panels...