Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The Buster Book Of Spooky Stories

Seem to remember picking this beauty up while on summer holiday somewhere, and poring through it again and again ( It's the very definition of packed, with enough stuff to keep any bored kid happy all week ).
There's way too much here to post the whole thing, but let's have a sampling, like lead-off host strip Buster's Dream-World ( notice also that VERY Sergio Aragones / Plop ) contents page:

And here's a young Dave Gibbons, no less, with the wonderfully named Curtis Bronson, Ghost Hunter:

The first part now, of a fantastically gothic serial, The Pillater Peril, all about a pirate back from the grave seeking vengeance on his well-to-do descendants. I think I'm right in saying this one originally appeared in Smash, and may also have been earmarked, alongside Curtis Bronson, for Dez Skinn's aborted horror weekly Chiller:

Munster-ish family The Creepy Crawleys:

Some Haunting Howlers:

And finally, something from the Spooky Scrapbook, the kind of text feature we never used to read, except this one's actually got great illustrations. Top stuff all round, and as I say, more than enough to keep you occupied when the campsite's all rained out.


  1. Dave Gibbons there, channeling his inner Russ Heath...
    Seems a bit of a turn up for the books, but I understand Steve "no relation" Moore was an editor on Buster so that kind of thing shouldn't really come as a surprise.

    That contents page is by Leo Baxendale surely?


  2. Very Russ Heath, you're right.
    And yes, I forgot to say that was Leo channeling HIS inner Sergio.
    Actually, I should probably also mention for the benefit of our non-UK chums that Buster hosted his own weekly mag ( featuring that Leopard From Lime Street ) and was originally billed as Andy Capp's son, this mag of course being the lad's summer ( winter? ) special.