Monday, 2 October 2017

The Brave & The Bold: Batman & The Hawk & The Dove

Here's a very well-written B & B team-up from Alan Brennert ( with art by the mighty Jim Aparo, natch ) that's about something not too often tackled ie. what happens to teen super-heroes when the world moves on and they have to grow up.
As the story says, The Hawk & The Dove were real products of the '60's, and here, as the '80's begin, the battling brothers find themselves very much out of step, both in and out of costume.
As even Brave & The Bold ( by far the best of the team-up books in my opinion ) occasionally satisfied itself with simple fight scenes, this one, with it's welcome and varied characterizations, is a bit of a pleasant surprise.


  1. The Mighty Jim Aparo is right! He was about the only reason I ever bought a DC during my intense comic years (like 1971- 1975)! I gobbled up the Adventure Comics featuring the Spectre. But this is good stuff! Thanks for posting!

  2. Yeah, thanks for sharing this. I remember when there was a mini-series with these guys on the spinner rack back in the late 80s. Though they looked interesting, I was just too much of a Marvel guy then to buy H&D.

    Was there ever any revelation about who their mysterious power benefactor was?

  3. I don't think so, no, and I believe Rob Leifield did a Hawk & Dove series, so I certainly wasn't checking that one out!

  4. Looks like you were right. This is the one I remember (though I had forgotten Dove was a woman in that version).

    Though I'm generally not a fan of Liefeld art, this looked (and still does look) pretty good. It's always baffled me how Liefeld got progressively worse over time. It's completely counterintuitive.

    1. Sorry...didn't include the link.

  5. He just got lazier as he got richer would be my guess. Thanks for the link BTW.