Friday, 27 October 2017

Misty Presents: The Day The Sky Grew Dark & The Fourth Swan

A couple of one-off treats from the magnificent Misty now, her equivalent of Tharg's Future Shocks I guess. The Fourth Swan is, I'm fairly sure, by Enrique Romero, if only because the heroine could be Axa's little sister, but don't know about the artist on The Day The Sky Grew Dark.
It's obviously from the same Spanish school as Romero, but I can't place it.
Regardless, this is, as ever from the winsome white witch, gorgeous stuff.


  1. Great post, great stories! David Roach suggests that the artist on 'The Day...' is Jorge Badia Romero (and agrees Enrique for 'Fourth Swan') - I have a searchable database of all info known so far on the Misty stories/writers/artists at

  2. That's gonna be really useful, thanks hypno!