Sunday, 22 October 2017

Hulk Comic: The Black Knight

Here's the real jewel of Hulk Comic, Steve Parkhouse's epic take on Arthurian superheroics and magical goings on in the English countryside.
This Black Knight may come as a stranger to American readers, having only a physical resemblance to the one we all know from The Avengers and The Defenders. Here, he's presented much more as a medieval, iconic figure, barely a human being at all.
But the best thing about this strip is it's absolute Britishness, both in the script and the art, and you can drink in the scenes of mysterious woods, spooky old cottages and ghost-haunted Tors. This is a strip dripping with atmosphere, and I love the idea that all this is happening in the hedgerows and fields of Cornwall, just out of sight of regular people.


  1. Read this last night. Brilliant! The art is gorgeous, and the accents loike I ain't never 'eard nowhere. Harrier versus Knight on flying horse? God, I'd love to see that in a Marvel movie! I hope you'll give us the conclusion...

  2. Wonder why Steve Parkhouse didn't also draw it?
    What strikes me most about this in retrospect is how similar it actually is to earlier British comic series - if it wasn't for the main the character being the Marvel Black Knight, you could easily imagine it appearing in Lion or Valiant or something.

    That's no criticism of course, but a comparison with, say, the Moore/Davis Captain Britain does underline how much changed in just a few years.


  3. Never actually thgought of it like that, but of course you're right, Sean.

  4. Wonderful post! I don't think I had ever seen that "house ad" for The Black Knight strip anywhere. Thanks for posting it. The entire Black Knight adventure is recommended as it keeps the same creative team for its very long (and excellent!) run. It was collected by Panini and is still available. Search for "Captain Britain Vol. 3: The Lion and the Spider."

  5. Thanks, yeah it's a great strip, though maybe just a tad too drawn out IMHO