Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Brian Lewis' The Quatermass Experiment

Some House Of Hammer wonderfulness from the late, great Brian Lewis now, with his adaptation of The Quatermass Experiment. Wouldn't it have been great if Brian ( and HOH ) had been available to do all the Quatermass movies, especially the final John Mills one? Somebody could've done a lush trade now off the back of it.
But if he could only've done one, this was the ideal one. One of the many things he was great at was sinister plant life, and this strip will again make you wish he'd got a shot at Man-Thing or Swamp Thing at the time. From Graham Ingels to Brian Lewis to Berni Wrightson - there's your horror through line.


  1. A complete film adaptation in fifteen pages - that's the way to do it!
    Brilliant, of course. Thanks for posting.


  2. Brian Lewis was one of the unsung greats of 1970's British comics; it's just a great pity that he died a few short years before DC started harvesting the best of UK talent (Moore, Bolland, Gibbons et al) to work on their titles and his talent could be appreciated by US comics fans as well.