Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Wally Wood's MAD Comic Opera

Hanno's been on ( as Mark & Lard used to say ), with a request. Nefarious Neil Hansen would like to see Frank Jacob & Wally Wood's comic opera from the July 1960 issue of Mad.
Well, I need as little excuse to post stuff by Woody as you do to read it, so let's join Dick Tracy & Tarzan ( alongside just about every other newspaper strip character of the time ) in the Ape Man's search for love. You're gonna want to pore over every panel.


  1. This is Wally Wood at his ultimate best. The eerie way he makes Dagwood have three dimensions is a prime example of his true versatility. Thanks, Pete.

  2. Nae bother. Any other requests, anyone? If I got it I'll post it.