Friday, 8 September 2017

The Vigilante In: Rodeo Of Death

Wonder what our old pal The Vigilante's been up to lately... ah, trampling over citizen's rights, kicking ass and dispensing some good ol' downhome justice. Business as usual, then.
Herein, Vig gets involved in the plight of the African-American rodeo rider, a hot topic I'm sure we all have an opinion on.
The improbably named black bronco busters Phoenix, Ramrod & Polecat are being harassed by a hooded racist and his gang, and there's no way our liberal-when-he-feels-like-it hero can sit this one out.
It's a bit of a weird ending, as I fully expected us to get the same reveal we got at the end of that Steve Gerber Defenders / Sons Of The Serpent run ie. that the bad guy is black as well.
Instead, he just falls out of the window and splats all over the sidewalk.
I guess, back in the Comics Code approved Bronze Age, Vig wasn't actually allowed to point-blank kill the villain, so blind fate had to intervene, but he did shoot a henchman in the face in a previous story, so what's the diff?


  1. Gray Morrow's Vigilante was definitely one of the highlights of the Bronze Age. The artist really had a great visual handle on the character.

  2. Gray Morrow, one of the unsung masters of comic books. I love all his work, especially on El Diablo a western series for DC.

    BTW, it looks like Vigilante is riding a scooter here.

  3. For such a cool dude, Vig did ride a very uncool bike, it's true.