Friday, 15 September 2017

Sub-Mariner vs The Thing: In The Rage Of Battle!

Here's a tale from Subby's solo series that's stuck with me since I first read it in this Treasury Edition:

For the previous few issues, Namor had been bugged by a Donald Trump wannabe named Destiny who with his ( hem hem ) Helmet Of Power had brainwashed the American people into voting him in as dictator for life, before ( in a last page turnaround that screams ' Whoops, we've only got one page left to wrap this up' ) falling to his death off a skyscraper roof.
As we pick up this issue, everybody wants said helmet and you'll never guess what, neither Benjy or Subby are prepared to discuss any kind of compromise.
Big John's art shows why it should always be printed treasury size, but it's not the fight that's interesting, it's the subplot, as continuity boy Roy Thomas re-introduces a long lost Golden Age character back into Namor's life.
That last panel will break your heart.


  1. A great story and one I really like as well. I managed to pick the reprinted version from "Tales to Astonish" up recently for 50p - I really miss seeing Big Johns art it was amazing at this time.

  2. Y'know, I always hated those stinky reprints like Tales To Astonish - maybe it was that 'originally presented in' box they put on the splash page. It's like, I know it's not the original, you don't need to rub it in!

    1. That and the occasional cut pages and redrawn panels.

  3. I steered clear of 'em in later years...when I could replace them with beaten-up originals...because Marvel cut the stories. They did the same thing in most of their '80s Baxter reprints. Too bad.

  4. Oh, and great post, Pete! Excellent script with Buscema in his own style (less Kirby) and faithful Adkins inking. A keeper.

  5. This was the first Sub-Mariner story that I ever read, thereby setting up a nearly impossible level of quality to live up to in following issues. Namor never did thrive in a continuing series format. You can only handle misunderstood rage & memory loss for so long. :)

  6. Yeh he was always better in the defenders really, but I still like select issues of his solo series