Sunday, 10 September 2017

Len Wein In Rutland

God, now we lost Len Wein as well. How is that even possible?
I really wanted to post that great clip from the Jack Kirby: Storyteller documentary, with Len & Marv becoming little kids again while talking about visiting Jack's house in their youth, but couldn't locate it sadly. The whole thing is on youtube tho', so watch it, if only to see how neither of these guys ever stopped being fans.
As well as creating two characters you may've heard of, Wein was also The Hulk's AND The JLA's best writer for my money and, as I say, a genuine fan right to the end.
So here's a classic fannish moment, an unofficial Marvel / DC crossover that Len cooked up with buddies Steve Englehart & Gerry Conway. It's the ultimate Rutland Halloween story, as The Beast fights The Juggernaut, the JLA face off against Felix Faust, and Thor battles Loki.
But those aren't the main story. The main story is the tale of how Len, Steve, Gerry & Glynis got to Rutland. And how everybody keeps trying to steal Englehart's car.
It'll make you smile. Which is what Len Wein spent his life making us do.


  1. Yeah, it's a shame he's gone - and at only 69 or so. I remember reading the Thor tale at the time, but I didn't know 'til years later that the 'car theme' was a sub-plot in two other mags also. Rather bold of him to weave it through mags by two competing companies. I just found out that Len wrote the second story featuring Man Thing, and was responsible for the 'Whoever knows fear, burns at the Man-Thing's touch' idea. R.I.P. Len.

  2. I feel a little older today. Len was always one of my favorite JLA writers. He really understood those characters, and gave many of them personalities like the Green Arrow/Hawkman feud for instance, and those great classic Swamp Thing stories.

  3. Quite a nice little clip on youtube of Len & Stan chatting about the X-Men - Stan not remembering a thing, natch.

  4. Love how GL has never learned to use a sphere to enclose or protect someone or something. Always the cone or a net or a shield, never 360 degrees...