Wednesday, 23 August 2017


How great was FOOM? Very great indeed, is the obvious answer.
After having been blown away by the sight of that amazing Steranko poster my older, cooler cousin had on his wall, I sent off my very own 75 pence, and a couple of short weeks later, here's what I got through the post.
Firstly, the whole cabooble came in a giant-size envelope with your name and address emblazoned in ol' Greenskin's grimacing gob. Attention to detail is everything, and in those days, Marvel really knew what kind of extra surprises kids wanted.

Inside, you got your very own FOOM stickers ( long since lost, natch )

Your priceless membership card, signed by The Man himself.

And, of course, THAT poster, which now goes for insane amounts on ebay ( as does the membership card ).

But best of all was the official FOOM mag, full of background details, upcoming news and again, exactly what any true Merry Marvelite would want. Inclusionist and friendly, like a bullpen bulletin dialed up to 11. Here's the issue I got, a Cap special, which I read cover to cover and back again.
And DC wondered why they became no. 2.


  1. I've got all 22 issues, plus the envelope, card, stickers, & poster. There's a cover gallery over on my blog if you'd like to refresh your memory of the other issues, PD.

  2. FOOMtabulous, Charlie!
    Thanks Kid, at last got every issue meself.