Sunday, 9 July 2017

Stark's Quest

Stark's Quest is a genuine lost classic that's long, long overdue for a glitzy trade reprint, but sadly, I guess that'll never happen 'cos Lee Marrs isn't that big of a name these days. Except to those in the know, natch.
Lee was quietly all over the Bronze Age, contributing strips and story ideas to Plop! and popping up occasionally in Heavy Metal and Epic, sometimes with stories set in the same world, or along the same themes, as this four part serial that ran through Star*Reach.
It's really an early graphic novel, actual proper adult science fiction, with fully rounded characters and a fully realised future world, and Stark is a great three-dimensional lead you completely root for.
It's very of it's time, though, and may come across a bit hippie-ish to some, but it still works for me.
This first part can be read as a solo tale, with Marrs opening up her world only in future instalments, but it's a great beginning.

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