Monday, 31 July 2017

Hulk Comic

Hulk Comic came out from Marvel UK in 1979, and for a while was unmissable. Here's what you got for your shiny new ten pence:

In other words, an original Hulk story, an original Black Knight serial by Steve Parkhouse, an original Nick Fury by Steve Dillon, Night Raven by David Lloyd AND..... an old Ant Man reprint.
As you can see from the cover above, this was the time when The Incredible Hulk was rampaging across UK TV screens, and these stories are very much cut from the show's cloth.
Here, from issue #1 for instance, is Dave Gibbons basically saying to America: ' Superheroes? No problem. When d'you want it done by? '

While here's John Bolton with an oddly Conan-esque Hulk.

And finally, Paul Neary & John Richardson taking over for a while.

Sadly, that's about it for The Hulk's original british adventures, and we were soon back to american reprints again. Maybe it was too cost prohibitive, I don't know, but don't worry David, you'll be back next week.


  1. Hi, Pete. I still remember the crushing sense of disappointment when the Dez Skinn reformat hit the UK weeklies. I suppose the Hulk's British-created strip was well executed in itself but it felt so unauthentic that I could never get into it.

  2. Really? I felt almost the complete opposite - My gang and me hated what Dez did originally but soon realized he was at least trying to do something, and I loved Hulk Comic ( apart from the stinky old Ant-Man reprints )
    I guess it wasn't 'real' Hulk like Marvel movie adaptations weren't real Marvel, but this one, I got behind for some reason.

  3. I used to buy this comic regularly, but only ever kept the first three issues. I've got the Hulk book from a few years back that reprinted all the British Hulk adventures though, so they live again through that. I had mixed feelings about the 'new' format of the U.K. Marvel weeklies; on the one hand, they reminded me of the Power Comics from the '60s, on the other, they seemed just like any other British weekly by DCT and IPC. They lost a bit of the ol' Marvel magic by going down this route, and I was glad when the British output eventually returned to something closer to its original form (un-resized pages).

  4. Dudes! Charlie got dragged out to the department store yesterday and I am happy to report a nice line Of Hulk t-shirts is available!!!

  5. Couldn't stand the reformatted reprints - don't recall if it was Hulk or Marvel Comic, but one of them hacked up Paul Gulacy's work on Master of Kung Fu so it was completely ruined.

    The original stuff was a good idea, what with people like Bolton, Gibbons and Dillon available, but it always seemed a bit half hearted.
    Basically because of a lack of resources - I seem to recall Skinn claiming it was always a bit of an uphill struggle and ultimately Marvel just couldn't see the point in paying for new stuff over reprints.
    Typical short term comic publisher thinking - they knocked back his idea for a completely original monthly to be called Warrior or something... (Still, I suppose DC went on to do quite well out of the contributors Marvel let slip through their fingers)


  6. The Dez Skinn era is where I drifted away from Marvel UK, it wasn't the glossy-covered Marvel of my childhood, add to that the fact that original US versions were turning up regularly in my local newsagents and there was no reason to keep buying the UK output. Maybe I should go back and look at them with older eyes.

  7. "Hulk Comic" has to be one of the most awkward titles ever