Monday, 24 July 2017

Howard The Duck Newspaper Strip: Entropy

Here's some more wonderfulness from Steve Gerber & Gene Colan, with Entropy from the Howard The Duck newspaper strip. This one sees the return of eternal dreamer Arthur Winslow, who became The Space Turnip in HTD#2, and like all Howard, is exactly what you need when life dumps on you.
Because when therapy, alcohol or the support of loved ones isn't enough to get you through the day, all you really need is an angry, ranting duck from Cleveland to make you feel better about things.
Things like, for example, The Kidney Lady...


  1. Not sure the newspaper strip is really the best format for Howard, but any Gerber/Colan collaboration is a welcome read all the same. Thanks.

    Btw, apparently Gerber based Arthur Winslow on Don McGregor.
    First HTD #2 and then this - "Okay, so he's prone to hero-worship and fantasizing" - a bit harsh, no?


  2. "Man is unprepared for the inconvenience of truth"
    So, the leader of the Entropy Cult was Al Gore? Just shows how ahead of his time Gerber was ;-)

  3. Sorry, guys, I just noticed that. Gerber based Arthur Winslow on Don McGregor??? That's ace!