Friday, 9 June 2017

The Lady Liberators

We've all read this one before, I'm sure, but hey, let's read it again, 'cos it's great.
As a kid reading this issue, I was more interested in the fact that Natasha, Wanda, Jan & Medusa had formed a team, and that the Masters Of Evil were back in town, than in any feminist ideals being expressed.
Nowadays, I find this tale a smorgasbord of delights. It's hysterically funny ( Doc Doom's riposte on p.5, Val's battle cry, THAT last panel ), fascinating for it's time and place ( Roy & Jeanie Thomas at the Rutland con ) and a bit of a missed opportunity.
I would absolutely have bought a Lady Liberators book at the time, as would you, and if Roy The Boy seems to be paying lip service to feminism, well, it's no less clumsily well-meaning than that issue of Lois Lane where she turns black for a day. And certainly it's all preferable to Sue Storm or Marvel Girl fainting every time they used their powers.


  1. You ccan never go wrong with so many John Buscema beauties!