Friday, 16 June 2017

Jim Sherman's Lightning Lad & Saturn Girl

As I've said before, I loved Jim Sherman's work on Legion Of Super-Heroes, and thought it was a real shame when his pencils were drenched in unsuitable inking, as happened so often.
The problem was ( as Jim says in the interview for Comics Feature elsewhere on this very blog ) was that he was just too slow to make the deadlines, putting way too much work in to justify what he was getting paid. As he said: 'I have to make a better living than comics can afford.'
Here's a combination that did work, as Sherman is paired with Joe Rubinstein for a little romance back-up, starring the Legion's beautiful people, Lightning Lad & Saturn Girl.
It's all stunning work, that opening splash alone taking Jim three days. Time well spent, I reckon.
Say, that professor's a bit touchy-feely, isn't he?


  1. I agree with your assessment of Jim Sherman on Legion. He fit perfectly with the title, and Rubinstein did a great job. MacLeod was also a pretty solid inker on Sherman.

  2. Very similar inkers those too, I reckon. I'm saying Sherman had as lush a finish as Mike Golden when he got good inkers.

  3. My very first issue. I was blown away!