Friday, 30 June 2017

It Happened At Woodstock!

Here's a great little counter-culture romance tale from Gary Friedrich & Gray Morrow, set at the Woodstock Festival. Friedrich was in his early 20's when he wrote this, so it has much more the ring of authenticity than if Stan had written it, as he warns his young readers of the perils of free love ie. Of men who use the philosophy solely to get laid, and of naive women who fall for it.
What'd probably happen in reality, of course, is that wide eyed hippie chick Jody would've ended up pregnant and a single mother, but as this is My Love, it's not quite that harsh, and we do get a happy ending.
Newsflash, girls: Never trust any guy calling himself 'Flowers'.


  1. Authenticity is a relative thing - not least in comparison to Stan Lee's idea of sixties counter culture - but that is some rather good work by Gray Morrow.


  2. Gray Morrow was one of the great 1970s artists. His work really fit the time with all the special artistic effects he'd throw into the art. The coloring is outstanding by the way.