Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Captain Hurricane

Captain Hurricane was a strip that ran in Valiant, literally forever, and was exactly the same every single week. Which was entirely part of it's enduring charm.
Captain Hercules Hurricane was a marine commander with the people skills of Sgt. Fury, and the temperament ( and strength ) of The Hulk, who spent the entire war being driven insane by his pint-sized cockney batman ' Maggot ' Malone.
In every single episode, that ' blithering idiot ' Maggot got into his head some new career path or hobby he'd like to try out, that would then cause chaos for the Captain, who would struggle to keep his temper for as long as possible, before inevitably Hulking out into a patented ' Blazin' Fury ', and annihilating any ' sausage swilling sauerkraut's ' or ' slant-eyed sushi swallowers ' within punching range, all the while swearing alliteratively as above ( imagine if 1984's chief writer / king of cussword's Bill DuBay had got ahold of this strip! )
It was kids' comedy at it's purest, with endless variations on a single gag, and was always a good, wholesome, if slightly racist laugh.
I could've picked literally any Captain Hurricane strip to show off, so I did! Here you go, you 'orrible little bleeders!


  1. That pic of Captain Hurricane put a big smile on my face, and following up with just two stories was well judged.
    Nice one, Pete.

    I have to say though,Roger Melly and the lads from Viz might take issue with you over who's the king of swearing in comics.


  2. Cap never had a patented "Blazin' Fury" as far as I remember, PD. He did, however, have plenty of "Ragin' Furies". Good to see these strips again. There's a colour one from an Annual on my blog somewhere.

  3. Y'know, you can proofread something 30 times, and still not see the glaring error... Cheers, Kid.