Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The Vigilante

Never could quite figure out The Vigilante. He was a Golden Age hero who'd come out of retirement, yep, got that, but was he an actual cowboy who'd travelled forward in time to the '70's, which would be cool, or just a modern day average wrangler who'd decided to fight crime for no apparent reason?
And what was with that lame ass bike he rode around on? Shouldn't somebody called The Vigilante be riding some big hog like a Harley or something?
Regardless, what was fun about him, apart from the fact his disguise consists solely of a kerchief, was that he went to great pains to remind us that he lived up to his name, as here where he lasso's a bad guy and hangs him off a balcony, while telling him, and us, that: I ain't no cop, so I don't have to mess with such nonsense as rights!

And the tough guy, proto-Punisher fun continues here, where he solves the drug issue not by gathering evidence or making a citizen's arrest, but by the simple expedient of going to the bad guy's office and beating the crap out of him. I'm sure you feel better, Vig, but that doesn't actually solve the problem, does it?


  1. Mike Sekowsky and Gray Morrow. What completely different styles, and damned if they both don't work on this old cowboy. When I was a kid, I think this was the first Gray Morrow stuff I ever saw so I always identified Morrow with the Vigilante. Thanks for the treat, Pete. :)

  2. I used to have this comic back in the day but I totally forgot Gray Morrow did the art, that must have been the reason I held onto it for so long , that and I seem to recall Alex Nino drew a strip inthis sisue as well that was pretty good. Nice to see Mike Sekowsky art as well. I never liked the idea of th host/intro 2 pagers "The Adventurers club" DC seemed to like to have hosts in their comics (didn't Jim Aparo draw those pages?)

  3. Aparo as you say, yeh. Me, I liked the hosts, especially in the DC mystery books!

  4. Nerd moment: Is it just me, or is Vigilante speaking his inner dialogue aloud on the next-to-last panel of page 9 in the first story?

  5. He is indeed. Well, he doesn't have a faithful hoss to talk to, y'see.
    Reminds me of a million and one panels where somebody is describing what's happening to them, but in the form of a rhetorical question.
    The one that always sticks in my mind is an Atom story where he's running up a bad guy's arm in order to punch him, and the bad guy's going: 'R..running up my arm?'

  6. I assume he wanted maneuverability, thus his choice in motorcycles.