Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Superman's Lost Century

What? No, wait a minute. WHAT??!!


  1. Amazing Curt Swan sequences here! Those first three panels on page 2 -- what a great sequence -- and it is just someone having a nightmare with no actual nightmare visuals. Genius! I know it might break the rules, but the swan/Williamson Clark Kent Gets Fired trilogy -- Superman Vol. 1 410, 411 and 413 -- would be very cool to show one day. That was Curt as his best, especially since he knew at the time Williamson was doing the inks.

  2. What I find interesting there is that Supes sleeps on a flimsy put-me-up in his own fortress of solitude, and not, like, an actual bed. Has Supergirl moved in and taken over the main bedroom? I bet he's got no wardrobe space now either.
    Actually never read those issues you mention, by the way, must redress that.

  3. The issues were just before the Crisis crossover. Just gorgeous stuff. Seeing Clark have to carry his stuff out was an especially effective page. It was all to prevent the fact that Superman was seeing menaces that weren't there, thanks to battle suit Luthor. Clark Kent's job (and journalistic credentials) was expendable compared to Superman's reputation.

  4. So, let me get this straight then - not only did an entire society evolve from basically the stone age to the social and technological level of the mid to late twentieth century and nuclear war in less than a lifetime... but it then devolved back again?!?
    They don't write 'em like that anymore. Cheers Pete, enjoyed it a lot.
    I particularly liked those natty pinstripe strides - DC should have kept those for Supes' regular costume.

    Btw, if we're referring to later stories, this did make me wonder if it had been an influence on Steranko's Exile at the Edge of Eternity from Superman 400.


  5. Whoa! Now THAT'S the kind of one-shot crazy storytelling I've been missing!

  6. This particular mindf**k courtesy of Cary Bates by the way, who clearly smoked a big bag of something before sitting down at the typewriter.

  7. Superman: "I already know the answer."
    Earth's snarkiest narrator: "Do you, Superman?"