Monday, 15 May 2017


Who's up for a midnight movie? Something grimy, sleazy and low budget, like Basket Case or Eraserhead.
Nah, that's old hat, man. You want something really wild. Like... Kultz. Don't see it. Be it.


  1. Pete,

    Yesterday, you solved a long-standing mystery regarding Catweazle!

    Around 1973 my Aunt / Uncle returned from a trip to Wimbledon and brought back two books for my siblings and me, knowing we were big into the D.C. Thomson annuals.

    One was Burne Hogarth’s hardcover Tarzan (glorious piece of work) and the other was a Catweazle annual.

    Living here in Chicago-land, we had no idea who in the world Catweazle was! As my siblings and I looked at it… It sure wasn’t Dandy, Beano, or Dennis the Menace... we feigned our gratitude.

    But now I know!

    It's quite possible we were the only family in the USA with a hard cover of Catweazle?

    Cheers! Charlie

  2. That's brilliant, Charlie - you must go and watch Catweazle on youtube now!

  3. Thanks for posting this, Pete! Kultz had a real impact on me when I first read it in Epic Illustrated - I've long since got rid of most of my Epic collection so it was good to see again. Interestingly, Rick Veitch was talking about this story on his Facebook page recently because somebody was under the impression that he'd drawn it and he had to put them right...

  4. Well, Steve & Rick did a lot of stuff together in Epic I seem to recall, so easy mistake to make.
    Could never get rid of my Epic collection!

  5. Epic was a bit of a mixed bag in retrospect.
    Still, the idea that Marvel would put their better creatives to work on an anthology mag and (lets not forget) whole line of comics full of new, original material unconnected to its old hat superhero characters seems absurdly far fetched these days.