Monday, 1 May 2017

Kelly Green - The Go-Between

Here's a treat, with the superstar pairing of legendary newspaper strip artists Stan ( The Heart Of Juliet Jones ) Drake and Leonard ( On Stage ) Starr, on a series of graphic novels for French publisher Dargaud, that came out at the tail end of the Bronze Age.
Kelly Green, as you'll see, is a cop's widow who gets involved on the periphery of crime after her husband's murder. Interestingly, we never actually see Kelly's husband Dan, as he buys it on the first page. But then, his work is done, setting our heroine on the path to her new life, and providing her with new crooked pals Spats, Jimmy Delocke & Meathooks, who are sort of her version of Doc Savage's Fabulous Five.
Kelly's a great character, cold and professional when she has to be, and The Go-Between would've made a great little noir thriller, as would the other books in the series, each one coming with a killer last panel.
And I'd be willing to bet Kelly inspired Max Allen Collins' & Terry Beatty's later Ms. Tree, another great strip about a crime-fighting cop's widow.
These pages are from a french scan that I've translated myself ( so excuse any spelling mistakes! ), which leads me to a request if anyone can help.
I've got paper copies of most of the series, but does anyone have any English scans of any of the books to save me damaging mine?
Especially, does anyone have books 4 & 5 ( The Blood Tapes and The Comic-Con Heist )? As I've forked out for physical copies, my conscience is clear asking! Come on, share with the group.


  1. This just plain ROCKS!!!!!!!! For more info on Kelly Green, I suggest you get Kelly Green: The Complete Collection published by Classic Comics Press. All the material is reprinted in black and white so you can marvel at the amazing Stan Drake linework. It even includes an old article written by your truly from way back when, which is updated by Charles Palto. I have to ask, Pete, what did you use to get the great scans?

  2. Just some French site I came across ages ago - I doubt I could even find it now. Which is why I'm hoping some kind soul'll send me some English scans so I can share more great Kelly.

  3. I will try to see what I can find.I will see. I have any doubles I can scan as I do have copies, but they are autographed by Len and Stan.

  4. Ok cheers Neil - probly take you ages to scan tho'! Does anyone out there already have scans, to save Neil the time?

  5. If you're up to another translation, here's #4:

  6. That's brilliant, many thanks! That's me busy for the next month then.

  7. Hi, I posted the link for "Kelly Green - T4 - Do ré mi... sang".

    I found a copy of #4 Blood Ties for a less exorbitant price (still as much as #1-3 combined) and ordered it. I now have the first 4 issues ordered and will scan and post links when I finish.

    I'm working on getting a high quality scan of the French #5 and may have it by the weekend if you feel like doing that translation.

  8. Excellent thanks - that's me busy full stop then!

  9. Doing any kind translation doesn't make any sense. The entire series is already translated in English as Neil said in the complete collection. Just buy that, scan it and you're done.

    I just don't see the point in translating something to English that's already professionally translated into English. The money spent buying the individual books would/will cost more than buying the collection.

    Seems silly to me fam tbh.

  10. Aaaaaaargh!!!! Sometimes I hate myself, Pete. See: the stuff is excellent, Right? Thrilling plot, superb drawings, sharp dialogues...

    And then, I couldn´t shake from my head the thought that I was reading a 50s comic strip spiced with some European pepper (that is, ocassional nudity and sexy poses) instead of a real 70s comic book. I DO apologize.

    After checking the cover I though this was going to be something groundbreaking and avant garde, while commercial and for a wide audience, like "Mort Cinder", but nope. My mistake.

    Anyhow, despite of my (classist) thoughts, this is great stuff!!

    Manuel Ruiz