Wednesday, 3 May 2017

I Do My Own Thing!

Hey, remember when Mary Jane was briefly a go-go dancer? Ol' MJ was always a bit flighty but I'm not sure she was ever quite as mean to Petey as the protagonist of this Marvel romance tale is to her men.
Mind you, if I was drawn by John Buscema & John Romita, I'd probably do my own thing too...
No matter whom it hurts!
And it'd end just as badly as it does for Faye here.


  1. John Buscema is on a storytelling tear with this romance. Fantastic choice. People like Jim Lee should study this.

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  3. Speaking of romance comics, I came across this last week, the first page of "I Can't Love Anyone!" written by Steve Engelhart and drawn by Paty Cockrum (nee Greer).

    It appeared in My Love #19 which is cover-dated September 1972.

    It reminded me of something I'd seen before, and sure enough, check the first few, or the last few, seconds of this clip...

    ...which came out around August 1973...someone from the record company PR department was feeling a bit lazy, methinks.

  4. Well spotted that man! Wonder if Englehart knows?

  5. I can't beleive I used to avoid romance comics like the plague they contain some of the best comic art out there. Buscema and Romita draw the most beatiful people - another corker Pete