Saturday, 27 May 2017

Greg Irons' The Wall

Something for Donald Trump now, courtesy of the late, great Greg Irons, and which originally appeared in the second issue of one of the early undergrounds, San Francisco Comic Book.
Prescient much?


  1. Hey, I voted against that festering turd of a human being.
    Most of us did.
    That Electoral College has got to go.


  2. Thats what makes Trump useless - he can't even plan a proper bonkers wall to keep out the Canadians too.

    Greg Irons was great but doesn't seem to be particularly well remembered these days... Hadn't seen this one before, so its much appreciated. Thanks.


  3. Very much so, I'll do my best to put up more Irons as I go along, for sure.

    1. I suppose you're probably a bit limited on what you can post from old undergrounds - at least til you get your X-rated BAOB going, natch - but if you could manage something by the mighty Spain at some point...


  4. Natch - maybe some Trashman if I can find a family friendly one.

  5. THANK YOU for posting this!

    This afternoon Trump withdrew the US from the Paris climate change agreement. And THIS comic, from my long-ago youth, is what came to mind.

    2 points sir.

  6. Cheers Yan, now if only he'd read it...