Friday, 26 May 2017

Casper Trips Out

I kid you not, Casper the squeaky clean ghost had a psychedelic experience back in the Bronze Age. Ok, It didn't scar him for ( after ) life or anything, and he claimed not to enjoy it, but still.
See, first there's this guy with a camel, then there's this genie who looks like Shaggy, and then... and then things really get weird...
The art looks like the great Ernie Colon to me, and he clearly enjoyed doing this one immensely. Ernie? Ernie? Hey. er, Ernie's up in the clouds, man, how're we gonna get the next issue out now? Just lift the drawing table up there, it'll be fine.
That cover above, by the way, isn't the one this story appears in. But, man, it should've been.

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