Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Tom Sutton's Mountain Of Fear

You have to give Charlton credit, when an artist wanted a full issue to go mad with, they always got it. 'Course, if Tom Sutton said he wanted to paint the bowling alley next to the Charlton offices you'd let him, him being a creature from another dimension and all.
Mountain Of Fear is Tom doing Lovecraft, by way of Hammer, with special effects by Rob Bottin, which means it's about as great as a horror comic can be. Even Charlton's patented crappy printing works for the story, like some lost manuscript carved out of human skin and written in blood.


  1. I love it. I remember sitting reading it in the big Woolworths in Blackpool in 1975. I love Tom Sutton, I love Horror and I love Charlton comics, so I was never going to be able to resist buying it.

  2. Did Woolies sell comics? I don't remember that - not round our way at least.

  3. They didn't but we stopped off at the Woolies cafeteria shortly after buying it.

    1. Woolworths DID sell comics in the '60s (I know, 'cos I bought Batman #184 there), but they'd stopped well before 1975.

  4. Charlton comics were always my favorite when it came to horror.
    Somehow, I get the feeling that if Lovecraft hadn't passed away at such a young age, he would have approved of Tom Sutton's artwork concerning his creations.

  5. I don't think we even had a cafe in our Woolies! There was a spinner rack of sci-fi & Kung-Fu paperbacks tho.