Monday, 3 April 2017

Nightcrawler In: Show Me The Way To Go Home

Here's a piece of nonsense from the above mutant themed issue of Bizarre Adventures, courtesy of Mary Jo Duffy & Dave Cockrum. Dave, in particular, is clearly having a ball with one of his favourite characters, while Kurt is still in the period where his biggest worry is how many Errol Flynn references he can cram into each issue.
At a time when comics were just about to go grim, gritty and snarly, I defy anybody to read this one and not crack a smile.


  1. I haven't seen this one before what a great wee story and excellent as always at from the great Dave Cockrum. Thanks for showing this I have a stinking head cold and it did indeed raise a smile .

  2. Was the original book in black and white like this? This surprised me. I just assumed all the Marvel work from this time period was in color.

  3. Bizarre Adventures ( formerly Marvel Preview ) was one of the last gasps of Marvel's b/w magazine line, Justin. There's tons of that line to explore if you haven't seen any of it, and right here's a good place to start as I've posted loads from the various mags.

  4. Hi Pete - I'm gonna go way off topic so I hope you indulge me, lol! I found the 'Great British Comics" book by Gravett here in the USA on Amazon. It's going for a cool $70 and is 5 star rated! I discovered another book called "British Comics" by James Chapman, going for $10 used but has no rating. Do you have any opinion on this book? Thanks much from Joe in Chicago!

  5. Hey Charlie, unfortunately I never got around to buying either book ( which is very unlike me! )
    What I would say is that Gravett at least is a known quantity, being a very good writer and it's packed with illustrations ( tho' I'd wait till you can get a cheaper copy obviously! )
    If the other one is the one with Dennis The Menace on the cover, I know it comes with very few illustrations, but haven't read that one either.
    Let's throw it out to the room? Anybody got either of these tomes and can recommend them?