Saturday, 1 April 2017

Kid Kong

Kid Kong was the biggest star ( arf! ) of Monster Fun, coming in as the first strip of the fisrst issue, and starting out as he meant to go on, causing havoc in his eternal quest for 'nana's, and being scolded by his human friend Granny Smith, a deluded old lady who bought her glasses at the same shop as Mr. Magoo,
He was created by the late, great Robert Nixon, and was his favourite strip to draw, next to Frankie Stein. Kid was immensely ( arf! ) popular, and was Monster Fun's marquee character, being based on a really simple, endlessly adaptable premise.
He also, like a lot of IPC strips, regularly broke the fourth wall, as here where he insults the whole human race:

Or here, where he offers his lunch to his creator:

'Nana's, as you can see, play a big part in Kid Kong, and reached a weird kind of peak, as in the episode where, apparently, Granny takes Kid to Bananas Anonymous to cure his addiction.
Don't have that episode sadly, but here's some other examples, showing Nixon's mastery of size, scale and physical comedy.


  1. Excellent stuff. That last colour strip wasn't drawn by Nixon 'though.

  2. No? I bow to your greater knowledge Kid.

  3. Kid's right. (Kid Robson, that is) I couldn't tell you who the artist is, but it's a noticeably different style to Nixon's, especially when you look at the human characters.

    Still, it takes me back to me childhood. I didn't get many comics with any sort of regularity, but I was familiar with the different titles, and always appreciative of the characters and art. I didn't know many names of artists (and wasn't even fully aware of any process prior to stacking the comics in the shelves) but recognised the styles, and Robert Nixon's was one of my favourites. Thanks for the extra bit of insight!

  4. Looks like the work of Frank McDiarmid, who drew Texas Ted for TV comic, as well as various other strips for IPC.