Monday, 17 April 2017

John Bolton's New Avengers

Here's king of the Bronze Age TV tie-in annual, John Bolton, with a couple of gorgeous pieces from the 1978 New Avengers book. There's puns aplenty from Steed, and boy does Bolton make the most of Purdey's patented ballet / kung fu high kicking skills. The first strip in particular is very in keeping with the show, like in the panel where Steed meets Professor L. Sing ( ouch! ), and he rests his bowler on the demon skull on the mantelpiece. Steed would absolutely do that.
Sadly, Gambit doesn't get to do his much-imitated-in-the-playground Nescafe hand move, but you can't have everything, can you?


  1. Wow! Great work by Bolton - pity I'd long given up on annuals by then; most of the ones I recall from childhood (which weren't often stumbled upon in any case) rarely had comic strips in them, and when they did they were appallingly drawn.

    And a quick PS to my comments in that Hansi thread thread from last week - I've looked at a few other Spire Comics online in the meantime, and realise I may have been overly fulsome in my defence of them. Sheesh - some of them just didn't know when to shut up! Be that as it may, I'd stand by my defence of Hansi and The Hiding Place....the others, not so much (and in some cases, not at all).

  2. Fair play, B, everyone's entitled to their opinion. As I've said before, this blog is only my opinion, and if anyone disagrees, that's their right.
    To be honest, I was sort of expecting some of those fundamentalist responses you see on youtube for Hansi. Luckily we're all a bit more sensible here.
    I will at some point post some of those 'harsher' Spire's also, just so everyone can make their own minds up.

  3. There were a few good tie-in annuals that year (think I've got them all somewhere!), As well as the Avengers one, I think Bolton did illustrations for a Tarzan annual, David Lloyd did art for a Logan's Run annual, and the great Brian Lewis did strips in The Sweeney annual!

  4. Posted that Sweeney a while back, and Logan's Run is on the list, but not aware of Bolton doing Tarzan - Have to look for that.