Friday, 7 April 2017


Come Back And Die? Er, no thanks, you're alright.
Have to say, didn't remember this one at all, but off the back of posting Tarzan Weekly, ace twitter buddy Lee Grice kindly forwarded me these scans of one of Byblos publishing's other book's, the subtly titled All-War. There was also, by the way, another monthly I know nothing about, called Wheels if anybody's got any info on that one.
In the meantime though, here's Lee on All-War:
I've scanned all the covers I have, plus the complete issue #7 ( the issue I had as a kid and spent years trying to remember / track down )
You can see that some of the stories seemed to be reprinted from regular-sized French comics ( 'Freckle Face 7-13' ) and some appear to be reformatted digest comics ( of the Commando / War Picture Library style ), going by the rigid fixed-grid panel layout of those pages.

Another point of interest is that it appears they published at least a few of the Specials before they started the regular monthly. To my knowledge there's at least one more special other than the ones I have, but I don't know how many issues the monthly ran - there's no indication that #8 is the final issue. There is an ad for the next issue, due on sale 22nd October 1981, but whether that refers to issue 9 or the 1981 Winter Special I can't say. I've yet to see an issue of the monthly numbered #9 or higher.

Anyway, as I say, this is all new to me. Let's start with some all-picture all-action covers:

And here's the whole of issue #7, starring the aforementioned 'Freckles', a 15 year old cold as ice psychopath, and his sidekick Hermit. Think The Star-Spangled Kid & Stripsey. But insane.


  1. Looks fantastic and I would've snapped this up, but I dunno what distribution in Scotland was like back then because I've never seen nor heard of this! Great & enlightening post as ever, Pete!

  2. Many thanks to Lee Grice for not only the info, but the scansl to you as well, Pete. Thanks to you, too, Pete for posting. This is absolutely fascinating! Love learning about UK comics because I'm an old Yank and appreciate the education!

  3. Just have to find out about Wheels now...