Wednesday, 12 April 2017

All The Myriad Ways & Means To Die

Here's two versions of the same story, adapted from Larry Niven's original, a tale that's probably the last word in alternate realities. Or one of the last words...
You won't mind one bit reading the same piece twice, as the first ( from Psycho #9 ) is by Jeff Jones, while the other ( from Unknown Worlds Of Science Fiction #5 ) is from Howard Chaykin.
Plus, as you'll see, two subtly differing versions of the same story is entirely in keeping here.


  1. Interesting post, and you can easily see the differences between the two artistic styles in telling the story. Bravo on this one, Mike!

  2. One can also see that the last page of the Jones story is the scan that *I* gave to the Diversions of the Groovy Kind blog---why not give credit to the place where you nicked these?