Wednesday, 12 April 2017

All The Myriad Ways & Means To Die

Here's two versions of the same story, adapted from Larry Niven's original, a tale that's probably the last word in alternate realities. Or one of the last words...
You won't mind one bit reading the same piece twice, as the first ( from Psycho #9 ) is by Jeff Jones, while the other ( from Unknown Worlds Of Science Fiction #5 ) is from Howard Chaykin.
Plus, as you'll see, two subtly differing versions of the same story is entirely in keeping here.


  1. Interesting post, and you can easily see the differences between the two artistic styles in telling the story. Bravo on this one, Mike!

  2. One can also see that the last page of the Jones story is the scan that *I* gave to the Diversions of the Groovy Kind blog---why not give credit to the place where you nicked these?

  3. Because I didn't get it from the same site Groove did. I got it from a completely different site, meaning that your scan has been appropriated at least once since you put it up. That's the risk you take when you post scans.
    If anyone has a right to get sniffy, it'd be the creator and publisher of a work, who I always credit. Almost daily, I see something I've scanned or posted nicked onto somebody else's site - It doesn't bother me one bit.
    Either way, if somebody asked me politely, I would credit them.
    A while ago, Gilbert Ortiz contacted me about some pictures of Wally Wood he'd taken that I'd used ( honestly, without knowing who the photographer was ). He was polite and professional and asked me to credit him, which I was more than happy to do, him being the actual creator of the work.
    You, on the other hand, are not an artist, publisher or photographer - you didn't create this art, you're a scanner and a poster, just like me, and it's egotism to think anything different.
    I don't expect credit if someone takes something I've scanned and posted, because it's not work I created. You may feel differently, and if you'd asked me politely, maybe taking the moment to think that I might not have got the scan directly from you but somewhere else, that being the way the internet works, then I would've reciprocated in kind and credited you.
    But as you don't even have the balls to sign your name, and have chosen to attack straight out of the gate, what possible response do you think you're going to get?
    If you insult the waiter, he's going to spit in your soup.

  4. I enjoyed your reply very much, especially the closing line, so my anonymous potshot was worth it. Good response! You are quite right, of course.

  5. Someone needs to publish an anthology of Jones' comics stories. Seen as a whole they make a larger statement which is consistent across the years about the artist's life and motives.

    Chris A.