Friday, 17 March 2017

Tarzan Weekly

As requested, here's the whole of the 1st issue of Tarzan Weekly, a comic I mentioned a while back.
It was a UK reprint that came without much fanfare in 1977, briefly turned into a monthly, and then vanished again soon after.
Well, I say it's a reprint. I'm not sure how much of this has been seen in America: The Russ Manning strips I'm guessing are Gold Key reproductions, but I seem to remember that Mark Evanier & Dan Spiegle did Korak just for overseas territories. And Akut King Of The Apes is, I reckon, by the same guy who did Hook Jaw, so god knows where that originated.
Regardless, it's all great stuff. Remember when british comics only had one colour to play with? And yes, I did manage to stay alive in the jungle with the aid of my super survival kit bag, thanks for asking.


  1. I remember having this at the time. Can't remember if I bought every issue or not.

  2. Wish I could say I did, Kid, as I loved the first issue, but don't have many more. Maybe it was that crappy '70's distribution again.

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  4. The Russ Manning Tarzan stories were also done for the overseas market. By the way, this material is very cool. Put up more Tarzan Weeklies and Monthlies if you have them. I'll be downloading these pages later today. :)

  5. Haven't got much sadly, but yep, they'll go on the list. Might also be getting some scans of All War, a companion title to Tarzan Weekly I never heard of till this week. We shall see.