Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Supercats In: The Imposter

A two-part adventure now for Spellbound's sci-fi superheroines the Supercats, though like all their stories, you kind of wish there were a few more pages to let it breath a bit.
And you've gotta feel sorry for team leader Helen, the Reed Richards of the group. Electra's sorta Johnny and Fauna's sorta Sue, while Hercula is both The Thing AND looks like Thundra. But poor old Helen gets no super powers at all. That ain't right. When I win the lottery, and pay the Romero brothers to bring the gals back, I'm gonna make her telepathic at the very least.


  1. When I re-booted The Supercats for DC Thomson Helen was super-brainy, since all the other gals had more physical powers. I also made Fauna a full-on shapeshifter rather than a pigment-changer, which is the dumbest power this side of Bouncing Boy. Alas, DC Thomson never really got behind the project so only one ep ever saw print. But maybe one day...

  2. Do you have scans of that Oscar? Love to see it.

    1. I'm sure I do. I'll have a look when I'm back on pc instead of sluggish tablet. PM me your email on FB and I'll send you the scripts so you get the full story! :)

  3. Dangerous how cool this Supercats stuff is. Love that Romero artwork. I do have a crazy inquiry. Any chance we can see some Tarzan UK Monthly stuff? The Tarzan UK material -- including the foreign stuff, and the material edited by Russ Manning -- would make great reading for a guy not from the UK. :)

  4. Got the first issue of Tarzan Weekly if anyone wants to see that?

  5. I was really hoping this would be super cats like Streaky.