Tuesday, 7 March 2017


How great was Ragman? The ultimate working class / poor boy superhero, with layouts by Kubert and finished art by Redondo. Ragman was one of those characters always on the periphery of fans' consciousness. Certainly I was aware of him, but by the time I was able to check his book out, it had already been cancelled.
Looking distinctly odd and unheroic, Ragman looked exactly like what he was: Batman if he'd been born in a junk shop.
He was Rory Regan, the kind-hearted son of a pawn shop dealer, fresh back from 'Nam, and a man with no chance to escape the ghetto, even if he'd wanted to.

In his ridiculously short 5 issue run, Ragman fought the lowest kind of street crime, rarely venturing outside his neighbourhood, and working the same mean streets as The White Tiger and Luke Cage ( though, of course, Cage would never've trusted that ' jive fool with th' sheet on his head ' )
In fact, the tattered Tatterdemalion only ever wins small victories in his ghetto world, and there's a real sense that nothing he does really makes a difference in the larger scheme of things.
Actually, re-reading Ragman, it does feel like there's a stranger, weirder strip struggling to get out, in line with the spooky costume and 'somber mask with bottomless sockets of anguish.' Wonder what Steve Gerber would've done with him?
Here's the two part origin:
' Who are you? '
' Just...a Ragman! '


  1. Ragman is a series definitely worth reprinting...and revisiting! Thanks for this blog entry, Pete.

  2. Yeh, don't recall ever seeing a trade, which considering the thinness of most reprint books, you'd think a 5 issue series by Kubert would be a no-brainer!

  3. Being mostly a Marvel-kid, I never really heard of Ragman until the character's appearance on Arrow.

    In the t.v. version, Ragman has superpowers. Is this just a later retcon?

  4. No, this is the original, Justin. Ragman got his own book straight outta the gate. They changed him slightly for Arrow.

  5. I think I worded my original question poorly. Basically, I was asking, "Did Ragman ALWAYS have superpowers...or was that one of the changes they made for Arrow?" (I thought he'd always been powered, but in the issues you shared, he seems like more of a Batman, Punisher, etc. type character.)

  6. Ah right, sorry, that'll teach me to answer posts when I've just got up! I think in later mini-series there was an element of the rags being a mystical force rather than the origin here, but I don't know they were ever used in the same way as they were in Arrow, as specific offensive weapons. I did glance at those later runs, but never liked the art ( hard to follow Kubert! ) so can't be 100%.

  7. Managed to get all the issues for about $5 in dollar bins. Great comics. They utterly ruined the character later by making him mystical and super. DC seems plagued by not understanding any of its own characters.