Friday, 10 March 2017

Lilith - Dracula's Daughter

The ultimate bad girl with Daddy issues, Lilith was a really messed up character, in both senses of that phrase.
She was a bit of a gadabout during the Bronze Age, appearing in Vampire Tales, Dracula Lives, Marvel Preview and both versions of Tomb Of Dracula. Her solo series was written by Steve Gerber and mostly drawn by Bob Brown, along with a variety of inkers, and although it appeared willy-nilly, it's well worth seeking out, and would look nice in an upmarket trade.
Introduced fully in the above one-off Giant, she was sort of a vampire and sort of a succubus, having possessed the body of Irish colleen Angel O' Hara, possibly one of the unluckiest heroines in comics' history.

Shortly after her brutish father accidently murders her new husband, Angel is taken over by Lilith who announces herself as the Angel Of Death, and proves her point by sinking her fangs into dear old Dad.
Lilith is a mystically created vampire, who isn't affected by the sun or the crucifix, and no matter how many times she's killed, she can always be reborn in the body of 'an innocent who wishes death to her father', which is handy.

Relocating Angel from Northern Ireland to New York, Lilith also extends her mad-on to all male chauvinist pigs, and then inexplicaably makes Angel hitch up with Martin Gold, a whiny, self-obsessed man-child who's the absolute epitome of the '70's 'me' generation.
Martin is a struggling writer, who won't betray his artistic principles by getting a job and helping out his by now pregnant girlfriend, and it's astounding that Lilith doesn't crack his neck on sight.

But that's not where Gerber is going with this. It would've been all too easy to just have Lilith chased around New York by another team of vampire hunters like Quincy Harker's in TOD, but she's a much more complex character, is our girl.

Sometimes heroic, sometimes unspeakably villainous, she's a genuinely great character in Gerber's hands, the epitome of the strong, independent woman who can't help falling for douchbags.
Here's Steve with Gene Colan & Tony DeZuniga on my favourite story of the run, from Marvel Preview, it's Death By Disco!


  1. Oh come on, starting off with a 70s New York mugging...?
    Funny how the Marvel horror comics tended to conform to the standard superhero formula. You'd think they could at least have got away from that a bit in the black and whites, with no comics code to worry about.


  2. I always had a bit of a crush on Lilith as a kid, when she first popped up in Marvel UK's 'Chiller' Pocket Book. Thanks for posting this one, which somehow eluded me.

  3. Felt the same way about Satana, Oscar - bad girls, eh? Always Chili rather than Millie...

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