Sunday, 5 March 2017

Jack Sparling's Cher D'Flower

I've never been the world's greatest Jack Sparling fan, always finding his art too scratchy and ugly for my taste, and generally uttering the same groan of disappointment when seeing him in a House Of Mystery or Secrets as I would when encountering late period Don Heck.
But hey, I'm nothing if not shallow, and one of his strips I do like is this one, Cher D' Flower.
Cher appeared in the back pages of Sick, the other Mad copy, and is that magazine's roving reporter, except she doesn't rove that much, spending nearly every episode lounging around her apartment.
She does go one better than Cracked's curvy correspondent Nanny Dickering tho', being completely clothes free like every good Bronze Age gal should. Like I said, shallow.
Which leads me to something I recall only ever happening in '70's comics: Female hairstyles that completely covered any part of the heroine's anatomy that might trouble the comics code, no matter how much said heroine bounced around.
Cher's hair, just like every female that ever appeared in Savage Sword Of Conan, is permanently affixed to her nipples, regardless of bodily movement.
Gets you all nostalgic, doesn't it?

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