Wednesday, 22 March 2017

E-Man In: The Energy Crisis

Well, it would appear as if Spring is finally here, what with the sun being out and everybody going out without their coats.
That must mean it's time to read an issue of E-Man, surely the sunniest, pleasantest superhero of the Bronze Age.
This time round, our intergalactic visitor might as well be labelled Environmental Man, as he tackles new arch enemy Samuel Boar, his energy sucking robot The Battery, and the whole '70's fuel crisis issue. Not to mention lecturing the reader about looking after the planet in the final panel.
But at least, like on the cover where he helpfully tells us what's happening, he does it in a nice, E-Man kinda way.


  1. It’s certainly not Spring in the Glasgow area this week, we had a heavy fall of snow yesterday (21 March) and it was minus 4 this morning. Even for Scotland that’s not common (well not in the central belt).

    E-Man reminds me of Summer as I recall buying and reading issue 3 just after my last day at school for the term in 1973. To celebrate I decided to walk home (using my bus fare to buy a few comics) it was a scorching day and I nearly got sun stroke (my school was about 8 miles from my house at this time) but as I turned into the street where my house was my mum, dad ,brother and wee dog were all at the ice cream van and they bought me an ice cream cone (a “pokeyhat” as we call then up here) and we sat in the back garden chatting and listening to the radio –it was a great wee memory ,all them more important to me as they have all now sadly passed on. On a rare sunny day up here (or seeing an issue of Charltons E-Man) , I always think of that day and seeing my family. E-Man is still one of my all-time favourite comics and characters especially the Charlton series , Joe Statons art was just so of its time (without being dated).

    Incidentally my wee dog got a treat as well from the van as well lol

  2. Well, that's that. I might as well down tools and close the blog now. What a perfect encapsulation of why we all love these silly paper pamphlets with brightly coloured drawings. Thanks Paul, like you, E-Man is one of my happy summer memories as well ( which is why I only ever post it when the sun's out ).

  3. @Paul McScotty:
    That's really touching. I, too, love the way these cheap, cheesy, little tomes can transport me back in time, to the days when life was so much simpler, in many ways. A few years ago, my wife bought me a whole slew of Marvel Treasury comics. I have such concrete memories of reading these, and whenever life gets too "grown up", I pull those out, lay on the floor, and waste a little time reliving the past. Cheers to you, friend.

  4. Man, the Treasuries. Was there ever a more perfect design for a kid? That last splash of 'Even An Android Can Cry?' in Giganto size on the living room floor, and reading that Xmas morning ( or whenever ). Wondrous.

  5. Yeah.. the Kirby Bicentennial Battles is such a mind blowing experience with so many huge panels and splash pages.

  6. E-Man was great. Nova was quite a gal. Would love a nice collection of the Charlton issues as well as the later First and other latterday comics.