Sunday, 19 February 2017

... Not Long Before The End

From the 3rd issue of Unknown Worlds Of Science Fiction, here's Doug Moench & Vincente Alcazar adapting Larry Niven's wonderful, two-fingered riposte to the entire genre of sword & sorcery. No one's a bigger fan of sword-swinging, swash buckling fantasy than me, but as Roy Thomas says on the intro page to this issue:
When Swordsman faces Sorcerer, did you ever wonder if maybe - just maybe - you were rooting for the wrong side?


  1. I'm just about to hit my scratcher, but I'm coming back to read this when I'm more awake. The art looks great.

  2. One of the best comics, or pieces of fantasy fiction, I've read in a long time! I especially like it because, while I can appreciate the huge contribution RE Howard made to sword & sorcery (to pick the most obvious example) I was never a big fan of the character of Conan and his influence on the barbarian trope. Without going into details, I think this story cleverly lets the air out of it's balloon(-shaped musculature).

  3. Absolutely, Warren, and only a writer who loves this stuff ( as I assume Larry Niven does ) could be so cutting.