Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Berni Wrightson's Muck Monster

From Eerie #68, here's Berni Wrightson's magnificent dry run for his adaptation of Frankenstein, I think I'm right in saying coloured by Richard Corben.
Not much you can say about this really, other than: Wow.


  1. Actually, the coloring (which Wrightson HATED, by the way) is probably by Bill Dubay. The garish palette and airbrushy rendering style resembles several other stories Dubay colored around this time. But I could be wrong....

  2. Corben? Thats what I always assumed too... tend to prefer the colour from the Pacific Comics version myself, but it still detracts from Wrightson's exceptional work.

    Some things will always just look best in b&w.
    That won't stop some eejit publishing a colour edition of Wrightson's Frankenstein at some point though. Its inevitable...


  3. Wrightson said he intended the story to only be printed in black-and-white. But Warren wanted to run it in color and Wrightson reluctantly consented.

    A far superior color job appeared in BERNI WRIGHTSON MASTER OF THE MACABRE 1, colored by Steve Oliff, in June 1983.

    You can see it in black and white in Wrightson's book A LOOK BACK (1980), and reprinted in CREEPY 113 (an all-Wrightson reprint issue. And probably on a million other blogs here online.

  4. And the color version above appeared in the all-color COMIX INTERNATIONAL 2, published in late 1975, a few months after CREEPY 68 (Sept 1975).

    CREEPY 113 is cover-dated Nov 1979.
    and has b & w reprints of:
    "The Muck Monster" 7p, r EERIE 68, Sept 1975)
    "The Laughing Man" 6p, r CREEPY 95, Feb 1978.
    "Pepper Lake Monster"10p, r EERIE 58, July 1974.
    "Clarice" 5p, r CREEPY 77, Feb 1976.
    "Cool Air" 7p, r EERIE 62, Jan 1975.
    "Country Pie" 6p, r CREEPY 83, Oct 1976.
    "A Martian Saga" 6p, r CREEPY 87, Mar 1977