Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Berni Wrightson's Muck Monster

From Eerie #68, here's Berni Wrightson's magnificent dry run for his adaptation of Frankenstein, I think I'm right in saying coloured by Richard Corben.
Not much you can say about this really, other than: Wow.


  1. Actually, the coloring (which Wrightson HATED, by the way) is probably by Bill Dubay. The garish palette and airbrushy rendering style resembles several other stories Dubay colored around this time. But I could be wrong....

  2. Corben? Thats what I always assumed too... tend to prefer the colour from the Pacific Comics version myself, but it still detracts from Wrightson's exceptional work.

    Some things will always just look best in b&w.
    That won't stop some eejit publishing a colour edition of Wrightson's Frankenstein at some point though. Its inevitable...