Monday, 13 February 2017

Batgirl & Robin: The Dynamite Duo

And then there was that time Batgirl & Robin had a bit of a thing going on. The Teen Wonder & The Dominoed Daredoll teamed up for a short series in Batman Family, though possibly not in the kind of team-up Robin would've preferred.

Each episode is a hoot, with dinosaurs, the ghost of George Washington and third-string villians like The Cavalier, Killer Moth and The Sportsmaster ( he's a master of every sport! ) all showing up.
But that's all cover. What this series is really about is Dick constantly trying to get into Bab's pants.

Not that he likes to be called out on his Quagmire-like behaviour:

Easy, old chum, a gap of seven years hardly makes her a MILF, does it?
But then there are bizarre scenes like this:

And this:

The Dynamite Duo even find time to ( nearly ) get married, in easily the best wedding outfits anyone's worn ever:

Not that everyone found it all as much fun as me. Check out this missive from some idiot on the letters page:

Back in the real world, Babs & Dick get involved in the case of a political poet and a pulchritudinous princess, both from the kind of made up East European country the DC Universe is festooned with.


  1. Only super bad thing about the Dynamite Duo is the fact that they stuck Curt Swan with Vinnie "The Butcher" Colletta as inker.

  2. Well, into every life a little Colletta must fall..

    1. At the risk of offending the rest of the BOAB massive, I am going to speak up for Vinnie C, who was actually pretty good at this kind of thing. Always liked his inks on Art Saaf's Supergirl and can't see anything wrong with his work here.


  3. So nice to see Curt Swans work here what a great artist he was - Mmmmm sorry I have to agree that (imho) Vinnies inks were not great (although I loved his inks on Kirby's Thor back in the day). I had forgotten all about the "romance" between Robin and Batgirl - some of those panels are hysterical (and weird – I still don’t get the “plastic bag” reference) that letter is a tad worrying is not tongue in cheek.

  4. Great post, but I have 2 questions. Like Paul Mcscotty, I don’t understand the “plastic bag” reference. Can someone explain that one?

    And Batgirl is “the Dominoed Daredoll?” What’s “dominoed?” Thanks!

  5. 'Dominoed' just refers to the style of mask Batgirl wears, Stephen, which I guess means Batman, Robin, Green Arrow et al are also dominoed. Maybe they couldn't call her The Dynamic Daredoll?

    The plastic bag panel comes from a story from Batman Family #14, where Babs is infected by a flesh eating virus and has to run around in a full body see-through suit over her costume, tho' Robin is ( for once ) a complete gentleman about the whole thing. Just tickled me, that's all.

    BTW I don't mind Colletta's inks on this one, loved his inks on Art Saaf's Supergirl and LOATHED him on Kirby's Thor. So it's all down to personal taste - I'm sure Vince would be chuckling he still causes controversy!

  6. Always fancied Batgirl - the TV and the comicbook incarnation. Liked Vince's inks as well, although it has to be admitted that his style suited some artists more than others.

  7. It'sd the yellow boots, Kid, who doesn't love a dominoed dame in yellow boots?

  8. Just curious, an I the only one who never knew Barbara Gordon had been a congressional rep?

  9. It's DC, Justin, it probably happened unannounced between issues and was then completely forgotten about a few issues later!

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  11. I enjoyed Batgirl back then, in the Batman Family days when Batman was still fun and fallible. Good stuff.