Friday, 13 January 2017

The Vixen Is A Lady Fox

From the semi-legendary Cancelled Comics Cavalcade, here's what would've been the first appearance of animal powered blaxploitation heroine The Vixen, had the debut issue of her own book not fallen victim to the great DC implosion of 1978.
The Voluptuous Vixen ( as Stan would no doubt have called her ) is more or less Friday Foster meets The Cat, and though there are no real surprises here, with Gerry & Carla Conway working from the standard Superhero Origin Template, it's still a lot of fun.
The Idi Amin inspired bad guy is a bit different, even if hacking African villagers to death with a machete is a bit harsh for family friendly DC, and the dialogue is every bit as confusedly empowering / sexist as Marvel's Bronze Age trio of 'women's comics' ( The Cat / Night Nurse / Shanna The She-Devil ).
Plus, how often did DC go blaxploitation anyway? Here's Vix as we should've met her.


  1. Nice to see the original Vixen story from Cancelled Comic Showcase. Think it would be nice to catch some of the other stories from the Cavalcade volumes like: Firestorm, the Creeper, The Secret Society of Super-Villains, The Ray, and Omac.

  2. By the way, Mari McCabe really does look like Friday Foster. Never noticed that before. I do prefer her pre-Suicide Squad look.

  3. Whoa! Nice find!!!! You are an inspiration to me man. I've recently started my own blog, but I've been lazy:

  4. Nice one yerself! Never heard of The Black Phantom - I've linked your blog to mine so best you get on and put some more stuff up there!