Monday, 23 January 2017

Teen Titans In Australia: To Kill A Saint

Another dispatch now from Nefarious Neil Hansen, and his vast collection of Australian reprints. It's my favourite period of The Titans, and Nick Cardy's golden era.
This is from the time that Bob Kanigher decided to depower and de-costume the team, giving them a benevolent, super rich mentor in the form of Mr. Jupiter, and a hot ESPer hippie babe to rival Wonder Chick in the form of Lilith.
Although I hated the concept, I loved the stories, and as I say, this was Cardy's greatest period for me.


  1. For some reason the titles that were reprinted in black-and-white were never available in their original colour was quite frustrating! And it was only with the advent of the internet and being able to check comparatively that I discovered that it took up to a year for the B&W comics to reprint the original colour issues.

    1. Hi, just for curiosity and since I'm a Yankee from the US -- now called Trumpland -- are you from Australia? And do you have a lot of knowledge of the Australian comics?

    2. I am!

      And, er, not as much as some (depending on what you're wanting to know).

    3. Very cool. I have gotten much of my reference from this site: I have also received bits of infop from other Aussie fans. I'm not Australian myself, but I love seeing a lot of this work in black and white. Modern comics have muddy coloring which ruins whatever is underneath. In addition, the stuff underneath seems to lack visual depth. looking more like coloring book art than finished comic book art. Anyways, comic book pages previous to the modern era were always color-proof. No matter how bad the coloring, the artwork would hold up well whatever the circumstances. The Cardy Teen Titans material is a prime example. The page design of this stuff is simply amazing, and the actual illustration of the work is beautiful. Maybe the lack of color is why Australia has true talent like Stanley Pitt or John Dixon.

  2. Agreed on this, LOVE Cardy's Titans but didn't like the Jupiter concept, which pretty much spoiled the entire idea of 'young, independent teenagers' team-concept.

    Back in the 80s, I lucked on buying about dozen NM Cardy Titan issues for like $5 each. I recall the guy had nearly the entire run, and he wanted more for the early ones, so I just focused on the primo Cardy covers from ish 13 to around 30.

  3. The "let's not use our lowers for good, let's be useless idealists" period was dumb but looked great. Thankfully it didn't last long. I seem to recall Aqualad slapping them out of it. Love the original Teen Titans series.