Monday, 16 January 2017

Gene Colan In The Tower Of Shadows

Well, who else are you gonna expect to find lurking in The Tower Of Shadows but Gene Colan?
Len & Marv's tales here are kind of Twilight Zone-ish in a nice way, and Steve Skeates one, about a creep who makes snuff tape-recordings, is just this Comics Code approved side of tasteless.
But Gene's obviously the star of the show, and I love the incidental details, like his views of '70's nightime New York in the first tale, and the sort of Rat Pack look of the characters in the second.
It's Gene Colan in The Tower Of Shadows, what more d'you need to know?


  1. You ever notice no artist ever even dares try to swipe Gene Colan? A master unto himself. :)

  2. Obscure work by Gene Colan - the sort of thing that makes you wonder what kind of work the great artists of that era might have produced if American comics hadn't been completely taken over by superheroes.
    Great stuff, Pete, thanks for posting.


  3. Gene Colan was so great. I'm amazed how rarely he's mentioned. Loved his Daredevil and Batman. He's also an artist who looks even better in B&W reprints.