Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Fleur - From The Spain Of Legend!

Fleur was yet another half-dressed magikal minx from the Bronze Age, appearing in just a few issues of Vampirella before disappearing back to the home for obscure comic characters.
She's an immortal witch, which means her adventures could take place anywhen, and there are later stories where she pops up in the nineteenth century and the modern day ( well, modern '70's ), and I don't think she was really used to her full potential in that sense.
Fleur was a bit like Satana in the way she handled men, but her real draw is obviously the fact that she was drawn by Ramon Torrents, who should've also got a stab at the aforementioned Devil's Daughter. Here's her first appearance.


  1. Wonderfully decorative work by Ramon Torrents. A great entry into the blog.

  2. As far as I know, Fleur appeared on three occasions, the third story appearing many years later. The art by Ramon Torrents is simply weridly beautiful and stunning. You can see that the years spent drawing romance comics for the British really paid off, as he drew the prettiest, sexiest ladies this side of Maroto.

    Sadly he disappeared in the early 1980s, without leaving a trace.