Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Hulk: The Brute That Shouted Love At The Heart Of The Atom

Here's the second part of the Harlan Ellison plotted / Roy Thomas scripted Psyklop story, a fondly remembered issue, as it's the first time Hulkie meets his Bronze Age lady love Jarella.
I always liked the Jarella stories, she was a likeable character, and it's always fun for Ol' Greenskin to get a brief shot at happiness before it being snatched away again, although Rascally does get more than a little bit carried away with himself here.
At some point in the scripting, Roy obviously thought it'd be fun to insert the odd Ellison story title into the dialogue, and that'd be fine, if it'd just been a couple of references.
I counted at least ten, though I've probably missed a couple, and some are arse-clenchingly painful, like when he namechecks A Boy & His Dog, Shattered Like A Glass Goblin and Repent Harlequin, Said The Ticktockman. 
Not satisfied with all that, Rascally also namechecks Arthur C. Clarke and Captain Marvel ( twice )
Calm down, Boy, calm down.


  1. I don't know where I read it, but allegedly Ellison got a little testy, seeing Roy turn all of his story-titles into "grist for the referentiality mill."

    1. That's okay. I found Ellison's comics tales rather dull.

  2. Well, I think you would, wouldn't you?