Monday, 19 December 2016

... And All Through The House...

My first taste of EC comics came with this battered old copy of a 1965 reprint book I picked up at some point in the Bronze Age, which is all the excuse I need to post this, possibly EC's greatest Christmas horror story. The Tales From The Crypt movie is bound to be on BBC2 at some point over the holiday season, with Joan Collins leading this fetid fear fable, so here's the original, from the late, great Johnny Craig:


  1. This story is a classic, and works perfectly as a short horror film (it was also among the first stories they adapted for the TFTC tv show).

    You forgot to mention that the cover for the paperback book version was done by Frazetta (he even put his name on the tomb).


  2. Ah, thought I'd leave you all to discover that treat for yourselves, y'see.
    Saw the TV version but nowhere near as good as Joanie, I reckon.